Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrate the 4th, err 5th, with a good book!

By W.S. Gager
Happy Birthday to the great U.S. A.! I know I’m a day late but the sentiment bears repeating. I’m still recovering from the long weekend that was filled with great weather for the water and just enjoying the outdoors. For the Fourth we always go visit family at a lake. This year was no exception except it was a bit different. In the last two years I have had books that just came out and were able to parlay the party into book sales. This year I do have a book coming out, but not until later this month so I was able to relax. But was I?

The thing about being a writer is you are always in promotion mode. You need to pass out business cards everywhere. While the party was pretty much family who has to be a fan (not really but they don’t say they aren’t), no real talking about the new book.

So I thought I would fix that here. My third book in the Mitch Malone Mystery Series is called A CASE OF HOMETOWN BLUES. Mitch gets rooked into going to his hometown and sharing his reporting experience with the local paper. What he finds is his high school crush who was the homecoming queen who dated his cousin the bully. He renews old ties and almost comes to fisticuffs with his cousin over the still beautiful queen. When she comes up dead, Mitch is the prime suspect in a town where he doesn’t want to renew any ties and his high school years are haunting him making him remember secrets the could put him on a slab next to the woman of his dreams.

So while I celebrated with family at a reunion of sorts, why don’t you celebrate July with a great read. It can be a birthday present to yourself! http://www.amazon.com/W.-S.-Gager/e/B003U5OADU/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1


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