Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beat The Heat

There is a heat warning for the rest of the week. Temperatures are sky-rocketing and people without Air-Conditioners are being warned to find cooler-locations. It's Michigan -- it can be hot, cold, snowing, raining and sunny at any given point in the year - or day. On the lake shore, our weather is determined more by Lake Michigan than anything else and it's generally really humid.

Hot and humid weather tends to make people cranky, which can interfere with how much writing that actually gets done.

The increase in temperatures can require a change in how we write. Because my house doesn't have air-conditioning I had gotten to the point where I slept through the hottest part of the day and worked through the night with the fan blowing on me. But recently, a friend of mine let us invade their house and soak up the air-conditioning, so now I'm back on a normal schedule. With school around the corner, it's needed. But even in the AC there can be changes, for me there are extra people around and it's not my house, so I'm not as comfortable, which translates to not as much writing getting done.

I still find it amazing at what creatures of habit most humans are. I like my chair and my desk, I don't like the easy chair at my friend's house as well. I want to play music whenever I want and watch the TV shows I want, not the ones they choose. My habits make my writing a bit easier. It's also harder to write since my friend's mother-in-law shows up every day. And lately she's been sticking around so I can help them work on their family trees. Fun and interesting, but doesn't allow for much me time or writing time. One affecting the other. I'll be happy when the heat wave breaks and I can go home.


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