Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perfect Love

Perfect love doesn’t make much of a story. Neither do perfect people. Even if everything gets tied up in a neat bow by the last page, I prefer to see the struggle, the growth, the pain and losses in life that all give me something to root for. The element of surprise is good but only if it makes sense in hindsight. Joy is good but conflict is better.

How different that is from real life! If I could choose perfect love, I’d be with my best friend, the man who knows me better than anyone in the world. Our friendship and trust – and love – would grow deeper every day. I wouldn’t want someone adding conflict or drama to my story unless it was something minor, like lost luggage on our trip to Italy, or running out of maple syrup and substituting jam on our pancakes. Trivial conflicts barely worth a mention.

Love creates a position of strength, whether in real life or fiction. Precious and profound, love needs to be shared, not hidden, as a light that shines into the darkness should not be hidden beneath a basket.

Nearly all fiction, whether categorized romance or not, is a story containing love. And so in real life, because there will be conflict and pain, growth and struggle, let our stories begin and end with love.

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Lori's Page said...

Well said, I truly agree.