Thursday, June 16, 2011

I hate Technology, love my Characters!

Some days I really hate technology. Which really sucks because it's what I do for my SJD. This week has been filled with cranky servers, failing hard drives, and emergency calls to several clients. And of course it's the week that I'm the only engineer on staff and I'm supposed to be making major headway on a big summer project involving virtualization. None of which really has anything to do with writing, other than it takes some of my spare time away when I “could” be writing.

As I was mulling about what to blog on today, I started obsessing over all the bits and pieces of my stories scattered about myriad tech devices ranging from my smart phones (yep, I have 2) to my tablet/mini/laptop devices and finally my pretty purple Alienware desktop. I do love my Alienware machines. For a techie, they're just about the best as they come with no bloatware and can be configured in a myriad of ways, including colors. But my main writing device is, surprise!, my Toshiba laptop. It's not fancy, it's a “consumer grade” (nice term for “a true geek normally wouldn't own one”) machine, but I'm madly in love with the keyboard. For the writer in me, that's important. As it should be for anyone who spends hours and hours pounding out verbiage - regardless of the job title.

The problem comes about when I need to merge all of the bits and pieces from all of my favorite devices. I've yet to find a tool that isn't cloud-based (I don't trust Google with my data) that can upload and/or convert the bits scattered about on Apple, Android, Linux, and Windows systems into one spot. And I'm too lazy to write my own tool. Or maybe it's better said that I'm too busy to bother to find the time to write the tool I want.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's because Jess is complaining so loudly about my needing to finish the second book in her series that I just can't think straight. And it doesn't help that Paul jumps in to back her up, while Collie stomps around in another corner of my mind muttering about “playing favorites” with my characters.

Merie's far more patient and is enjoying all the chaos, while perching on my shoulder in those few spare moments I have to read Christopher Moore's book Lamb, The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal which I picked up at the last GRRWG meeting. She's quite enjoying it really, as am I, and is really happy I have yet to purchase an eReader. And as much as I'm hating technology today, I'm happy to completely agree with her on that.


chocoaddict said...

Okay, I followed most of your post, but what is an SJD?


J.C. Hanks said...

:D SJD, MaryJanice Davidson's term for "stupid day job". I love it so much I "borrow" it often.

(I have a bad tendency towards using acronyms, part of the IT influence)

chocoaddict said...

Ah, mystery solved! Thank you.

chocoaddict said...

But wouldn't that be SDJ?

J.C. Hanks said...

Yes! LOL! Typing dyslexic has been rampant lately.