Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot. Humid. Cranky. Summer In Michigan

It's summer in Michigan, near the lake shore, which means it's hot and humid. My house doesn't have air conditioning, which means I could become a cranky writer. The library has AC, so I can camp out there. But the purpose of my blog this month, is not to complain about Michigan's weather, which changes almost as much as teen girls change clothes.

It's summer, here in Michigan that means its festival season. We spend our winters cooped up inside, so naturally come spring there is pretty much a festival every weekend until the snow flies again.

Why is this important?

Several reasons.

* It gives you a break from icky things like housework, work, and chores
* It also gives you a creative break from writing and delving into the same world day after day.
* It provides excellent fodder for the next book regardless of what genre you write.

Food festivals give you a chance to listen to music you wouldn't normally listen to and try foods that you wouldn't normally try. Buy something, sit slightly off to the side and watch what happens. Even if no idea strikes you while you're there, it will trigger something in your subconscious and probably with your muse for later use. Take pictures to spark interest later or reflect on something that happened.

The state of Michigan has a huge list of events going on around the state on a wide variety of topics and interests. Pick one, go explore and come back exhausted and probably full after trying something from almost every food booth, shower and sleep and wake up with new ideas and a way around the story problem you're having.

Oh, and if you're not from Michigan, bring SCUBA gear, we breathe our water. Stupid humidity.


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