Monday, May 16, 2011

Music, Dance, and Writing

While Tanya was happily sipping away at Mojitos, I was torturing myself at a belly dance class. I'm afraid I may be hopelessly uncoordinated and never get the hang of undulations. I look as though I'm having a seizure of some sort, or being possessed by some pathetic demon. As I worked on the chest out-up-down-top-of-the-8 circle I started thinking about my first book and wondering if I'll ever figure out how to go about getting it published. I hope so...otherwise I'm afraid that I'll have a pissed-off, Texas girl, swearing loudly in my head for eternity.

We'd been working on a variety of figure 8 movements earlier as I laughed at myself trying to do “roller coasters” and getting the hang of drawing a box with my right hip. What I can do on my left hip doesn't come so easily on my right hip. It's a bit like that with my writing; what comes easily for me with Jess (my first character/book) doesn't come so easily with Collie (my second character/book). Jess is a country girl and recovering alcoholic, who doesn't hold back, swears often, and has never been a “girly-girl”. In other words, someone I can relate to. Collie, on the other hand, rarely swears, works as a model and is an environmentalist. Someone I don't relate to. I'm thankful to have Merie (my surprising third character) who is grounded and makes me laugh at inappropriate times or to simply remind me that life is never what we plan it to be.

Which loops me right back around to Tanya's blog, just like the figure 8's we do in belly dance class. It had me wondering if different music affects other writer's characters the way mine are. If I'm working on Jess' stories, I generally find myself listening to country music (she's particularly fond of Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, and Josh Turner...I'm assuming it's those deep voices). Collie demands more Celtic-type music, with her preference being the Celtic Woman singers, while Merie is all about classical and tribal music.

I'm not sure how drinking would affect my characters, other than Jess who'd be disturbed by it. Those Mojitos do sound delicious though and may have to accompany me on my deck at some point this summer for a round of work on Merie's story. I think she'd really enjoy a Mojito.


Cheryl said...

I went to a belly dancing class once. It was supposed to be yoga, but women kept dropping out until the instructor made it a yoga/belly dancing class. It gave new meaning to warrior pose.
It's also where I threw out my shoulder which later became frozen shoulder #1.
I hope your writing is less stressful than your dancing.

Brynn Paulin said...

I love belly dance, but for the life of me, I can't do the snake arms. Maybe a Mojito would held that. ;-)