Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Flowers

Last month I wrote about April Showers - meaning the dark and dreary moments we have in our lives. So today I thought I'd follow up with May Flowers - the blessings, the good times.

I've been told I'm an optimist. I tend to not dwell on negatives, but look for positives. I'm not sure if that's my nature, or if I've been brought up that way. But I truly feel I am blessed - I have a good home, a great family, good health, and have never known hungry or deprivation. So it's difficult for me to write dark, sad things. And I've never enjoyed reading thrillers, or watching them at the movies. I'm drawn to the happily-ever-afters.

So I was really taken aback when one of my characters, coming home from a date, experiences a near rape at the hands of one of her relatives. Where did that come from? I was so upset after writing the scene that I had trouble sleeping that night. I had to get her out of that situation quickly, yet convincingly. Whew! But then I realized that this character, having had this awful experience, could react in one of two ways. She could either internalize it to the point where she couldn't respond positively to men ever again, or she could learn to appreciate a good man even more.

As the eternal optimist, I'm going for the second one. Here's hoping your April showers produce the most beautiful May flowers ever.

Patty Kiyono

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Stephanie Michels, author said...

A good point about people having choices about how to react to events in their lives.

I know you'll work out a great HEA on this story.

~ Stephanie