Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Big Egos

My son is on a traveling baseball team this year. We spent the entire weekend out of town at the first tournament of the season.
We payed three games on Saturday and two on Sunday, the last game on Sunday was for the championship.
The sun was blaz'n hot. We all have sun burn even with sun screen on. They were long and exhausting days, but well worth it. In those five games they scored 67 runs while the others teams together only scored 9.
Needless to say they won the whole thing. Their smiles as big as the sun.
We have pointed out that they still have three other tournaments this summer, so just because they won this doesn't mean they don't have to practice any more.

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chocoaddict said...

I love watching the kids' teams sports in the summer! And it looks like you have a great little guy to write about!

Patty K