Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy endings

It's Memorial Day, a time to remember all of our fallen heroes. Thank you to all who have, or are serving in the military. We are truly blessed for your courage and dedication.

And yet, for me, one of my biggest heroes, Paul, was lost nearly 24 years ago--to cancer. We were always going to get married--when he got better. Time and time again, he would rally...but not for long. Things never got better long enough, I suppose...

He was a true soul mate, and once you know one, you are never the same after their loss. You long for another connection as complete, as unique and holy. I haven't found him yet, I haven't got the happy ending that I (usually) include in all of my novels...but I'm still hoping, still praying...

So,on this Memorial day, I remember Paul. And the bond that death has not nor will ever completely break. There will always be a little Paul-shaped hole in my heart, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I believe a happy ending can include that "hole,"and help make it both beautiful and bearable.

It's Memorial Day, and I remember.

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