Sunday, May 22, 2011

Field Trip!

Last Thursday I went to Chicago with my youngest son, Corwin and 74 of his classmates, plus the teachers and some other brave parental souls. We went to the Field Museum, took a boat tour down the Chicago River. It's amazing when the fog rolls in out of nowhere! We also went up in the former Sears tower. And yes, yours truly went out into one of those glass observation boxes that juts out from the building on the 103rd floor. The last picture is a shot of the street below from 1000+ feet up in the air. I managed to stay in the glass box until some kids (that needed to be smacked) started jumping up and down.

Anyway, these are some of the things we saw on our trip!


chocoaddict said...

I LOVE visiting Chicago! So much to see. The Sears Tower elevator is an adventure I haven't had yet, though. Thanks for the pictures!


Simone Anderson said...

Looks like it was great trip! Ugh for the jumping kids. The pics are great!

Theresa Grant said...

Love the Field Museum. About due for a return trip. Skipping the glass floored stop of the trip.

Bronwyn Green said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the pictures. :D Weirdly, the glass floor thing wasn't quite as freaky as I'd anticipated it being. I think because my brain was convinced it wasn't quite real.