Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yeah, it hurts

Recently there was a post about rejection. About how we’ve all been there, 10, 20, 40 times or more (Well, rejection in regards to publishers and agents that is.) I’ve had query letters and manuscripts rejected over 100 times. Each. Aack! I’m the queen of rejection. And, add this to a house that may not sell, and a social life that’s often faces rejection, too. May opportunities for pity parties. And I have indulged in them—I just try not to let it show.

When I feel the worst—like—a nameless, faceless blob floating unattached in the universe of boredom and unneccessaryness, ( I made that word up, can you tell?) somehow, somewhere, it occurs to me……………..

I count. We all do. My faith in God gets me through to another day. I remember the miracles I’ve seen, supernatural occurrences that I wish everyone could experience, both good and bad. Stories that make people raise an eyebrow at…and then I realize…it’s really not all about me.

I may count for something, yes, and maybe it’ as a writer and maybe it’s as a friend, a mother, or even the person that always remember to feed the dog. But there is something higher. Even though I long for my writing and books to touch people, and, a lot of them if my pride gets its way, I really long to touch people just by being me. I want to give people a lift and encouragement just by existing. And that’s not always easy. But I want to try.

I’m still working on it!

Lori Lapekes

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Tanya Eby said...

Hang in there! You will get there! It just takes a long time sometimes. Really! When I joined our group, I had nothing published. Then after learning about the process and having a healthy dose of competition, I got strong, cocky and started submitting my stuff. If I can do it, you can too.