Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

I woke up this morning with the alarm telling me "Must post to GRRWG blog!". Rat bastard. I have so much to do today. I'm leaving tomorrow for a trip to a writing conference in New York and I am completely, utterly, totally not ready. No exaggeration. I'm afraid to say that I don't have much creative mojo this morning left with to blog, so I thought I'd do some shameless self promotion instead.

I don't really like the 'shameless self promotion' title though. It makes it sound like you SHOULD be ashamed for promoting your work. Maybe I should call it "Strong Independent Woman Promoting Herself and Her Work" or SIWPHHW. Guess that doesn't really roll off the tongue though.

Here it is. My third book came out last month from Champagne Books, and it just got its first review. Romance Studio says: "Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage is a deliciously wicked, blackly comic little gem. Filled with a whip-smart plot and delightfully flawed characters, Tanya Eby provides her readers with a sinfully indulgent read that will have you laughing out loud one moment, and riveted to your chair the next. This is a must read for any fan of black comedy and mystery."

That is seriously the nicest review I could've hoped for. I double checked and read it to my mom. She cried. Score! Although maybe I shouldn't be so excited about making my mom cry.

To continue with my Independent Woman who is...aw, hell. What did I call it? I don't know. It's not shameless self promotion. It's me saying, here's my little book trailer about the mystery.

Next time I'm with you I will try to think of profound words of writing advice. That sounds like a lot of effort though...so...maybe next time I'll just write about cheese. I like cheese. A lot.

Love and hugs and smooches (but not in a creepy way),

Last plug. I'm blogging from NYC starting tomorrow. Check it out at www.heyblunderwoman.com

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chocoaddict said...

There's nothing wrong with making your mom cry happy tears. Congrats on your success - you make me proud to have taught in C'ville!