Saturday, March 12, 2011

In light of conferences...

So, In light of the fact that we just completed our GRRWG meeting, during which we discussed our conference, I thought I should give you an example of what NOT to do, should you attend. That's right, folks, because I'm pretty good at "the awkward", and because I don't mind being the butt of an inside joke.

Don't believe me? This is what happened during last year's AAD conference in New Jersey, attended by Me, Bronwyn Green, Brynn Paulin, and Jennifer Armintrout (I believe there were others, however, these lucky few were privy to my foibles. Yay me.

Note: If you have trouble seeing the comic, click on it and it will blow up. Click the back arrow to return to the blog strip. :)
Also, I sent a link of this comic to Louise Fury who gave me an open invitation to submit anything I want. She tweeted it as the best submission request EVAR. See? Your embarrassment CAN pay off. I just don't recommend it.


Cheryl said...

So funny. I wish I would have been there.

Stephanie Michels, author said...

This is funnier than the Chris Keesler in the elevator at RWA story.


Mia Watts said...

I was soooo embarrassed. But then, I saw the therapist the next day and let her down gently. The surprise? She was disappointed. LOL.

Louise Fury said...

I love this.
A hard copy hangs in my officeand I laugh every day!