Monday, March 21, 2011


I was spinning around in my office chair searching for a topic to write about - no I didn't forget, I simply ran out of time before now - and I have a girl who does not have middle school angst or drama or boy issues right now. For which I'm very happy. But that leaves me topic less. Like many writers - well the ones I've met and seen the insides of their offices anyway - my house is teaming with books- which could be a reader things and not a writer thing - but I have a bookshelf - which is quickly needing to become a bookcase - of research books.

My current stack of books that I'm researching for my stories span 7 topics and stand about 3 feet tall in two columns lined up against the wall. They are also there so that I don't forget to take them back to the library (most are on my I need this book list which I give to my family when they ask for ideas for birthday and Christmas), since the library frowns on you keeping them permanently.

While I won't bore you with a list of topics, I will point out how highly amused some of my friends are when they see me reading about an ancient culture for a sci-fi set novel.

The more I'm writing, the more I'm learning that almost all writing requires research. Genre fiction is rife with the need for researching one topic or another. It might be something simple that only takes 20 minutes or it could take a year...but some part of most writing seems to require research.

Which means when I finally build my two story personal library, I'll have to have at least half a floor dedicated to research books. :)


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