Monday, February 14, 2011

Romancing Valentine's Day

My husband and I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day. Well, except for make fun of the jewelry commercials.  I truly believe that the man in the one with the thunderstorm is a serial killer.  He lured her with this Eric Bana-wannabe-good-looks to a cabin in the middle of nowhere during a torrential thunderstorm. I’m not saying I wouldn’t follow Eric Bana in these conditions (Have you seen Troy?), but realistically I don’t see good things happening in this situation.

With the jewelry advertised, I guess what bothers me is that they push one pendant or one bracelet and everyone rushes out to get it.  How is it special if everyone has the same necklace or earrings?

Perhaps a better gift would be a romance novel.  Each one tells a unique experience of love and passion.  There’s something to appeal to everyone’s taste. Sweet, spicy, and torrid. And they remind us of the first moment we fell in love with all its giddy anticipation. (Check the list of authors on this site, if you need a last-minute gift.  They are fabulous.)

My Valentine’s wish is that the kids don’t melt down so badly by supper time that I want to flee the house and that my husband helps with dishes.  I hope that this Valentine’s Day brings you a wonderful experience with romance. 


Jennifer said...


Joselyn Vaughn said...

And being with a serial killer is not made all better with ugly jewelry. haha! Have a great day!

chocoaddict said...

The couple who mocks commercials together stays together! Sounds like a great evening. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

My hubby and I make fun of that thunderstorm one too. What drek!

Theresa Grant said...

Oh hey, that anonymous one was me!

Bronwyn Green said...

HA! I'm glad we're not alone. Hubby and I mock the serial killer commercial, too! :D