Friday, February 25, 2011


I almost forgot to blog today.
There has been so much going on this last month.

So what should I tell ya.

OH!!! I got something.
If you don't know what Groupon is you should.
It's an email marketing campaign that comes right to your email daily. It has coupons for sale to local business. For instance, we bought a Barnes & Nobles coupon for $10.00 but it was worth $20.00. We purchased a couple for restaurants in town, and most of the time they are 50% off.
We also are going on a vacation this year and have signed up for Groupon for the city we will be visiting. So the other night we got a Groupon and purchased a night at a hotel for $119.00 originally $239.00.
(We did check prices on their web site first to see if we actually were getting a deal).
So try it and support your local businesses.


chocoaddict said...

I get the Groupon deals, too. Some of them are great, and as you said, it supports local business. Writers don't usually earn tons of money, so we have to save it where we can!

Cheryl said...

Yes! I got a $20 coupon at Amazon for $10.
Great idea about using it for a city you're visiting. I never thought of that, and we're going away in May.
Thanks for the tip.