Friday, February 4, 2011

New Year Resolutions Check-in

Okay, we are a month into this new year. Time to check how you are doing with your resolutions for the year. Some may call these goals, and aren't they really the same thing?

I love setting goals. Without them, I drift aimlessly through my days and weeks without accomplishing much of anything and feeling badly about it. Goals give a direction and purpose to my life.

Some of the goals I set this year were writing related and others were health related. Romance Writers Report - the monthly magazine from Romance Writers of America - is also looking at these two areas of a writer's life and is doing a new series in 2011 called The Well Writer.

January's issue focused on career wellness - how to create and develop (or redevelop) the health of your writing career by ditching unproductive habits, becoming a resilient writer, and surviving in the publishing industry. In February, they addressed writers' physical wellness, looking at getting fit, using the support of a group, getting stress under control, and preventing computer-induced medical problems. In March, the articles will talk about how writers can become professionally fit. This is shaping up to be a great series. (Get it 'shaping up'?)

On a personal note, I haven't progressed quite as far as I'd hoped on my writing goals this past month, but now that my critique partners and I have recommitted to nearly weekly meetings this area should improve. On the health front, I am pleased with the progress towards my weight loss goal. Again, not quite as much as I'd hoped to lose for the month, but I'm moving in the right direction. I also found a great online tool to help journal my food. If you're interested in checking it out, go to They have a free app for the iPod - handy for when I want to enter my food and exercise for the day while I'm riding my stationary bike in the morning. I've also started some shoulder and neck exercises that I hope will help with the strain from working on my laptop.

So overall, I feel positive, and I'm looking forward to continuing towards reaching my goals.

What about you? Did you ditch the resolutions in the second week of January? Or are you living the new, improved version of the life you want for yourself?

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Bronwyn Green said...

I haven't done nearly as well as I'd like with my goals, but I am trying. :)