Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ideas for Grass Roots Marketing

I’m at Love is Murder Conference in Chicago and thought it would be easy to fit writing a blog in. Wrong. The schedule is jammed with events, seminars and just great discussions. I want to share one of the seminars Called “Spreading your Marketing Virus.” Dana Kaye was the presenter and she is a freelance writer who started her own company called Kaye Publicity and now has more than twenty clients. She is known for her innovation and knowledge of current trends. Her presentation was really well done. Here is a brief snapshot of just one small area she discussed.

Dana divided publicity into three categories: Traditional, online and grass roots. Traditional is newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Online is Facebook, twitter, blogging, etc. (She said this should only consume twenty minutes a day!) The Grass Roots portion was the most interesting for me and she said it is the one that is typically forgotten.

Grass Roots is getting word of mouth going about your book. It is looking at ways to cross market. Look at different venues for sales other than book store signings. These could include grocery stores, gift shops, arts and crafts fairs and even bars. She talked about a Book and a Beer promotion she did and I’m going to try this one. She also said that Sisters in Crime have lists of book discussion groups and sending promotional material to them to be one of their featured groups is one way to develop a grass roots buzz about your book. You can even visit the discussion for added impact. The key to good grass roots promotion was reaching out to theme. Thinking of the elements in your books and working with those. If you have a cozy mystery with knitting, promote in shops selling yard. See if they will sell your book there. If you have a cat or dog or another animal, promote within organizations dedicated to animals. It just takes a little thought to think out of the box.

This blog is short and sweet because I need to get back to the sessions and learn more great information. This is one conference that is an easy drive (if not in a snowstorm) that is scheduled for Feb. 3-5 in 2012. Well worth the money. Check it out at

W.S. Gager writes the Mitch Malone Mystery series featuring a crimebeat reporter in fictional Grand Rapids. Her first two books, A Case of Infatuation and A Case of Accidental Intersection, won various awards and her third book, A Case of Hometown Blues, will be out this summer. They are available for order in any bookstore or have Nook and Kindle versions.


Dana Kaye said...

Thanks for the post and I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop!

Stephanie Michels, author said...

Wow, it sounds like a fun and informative conference -- the best kind!

Bronwyn Green said...

Great ideas, Wendy!

WS Gager said...

It was a great conference. I highly recommend Love is Murder. I'm already registered for next year.

Dana: I hope I got it right.