Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I don't want to blog, but...

I gotta tell ya, I don’t feel like blogging today, but blog I will. Why? Because I committed to it. It sort of reminds me about my own writing. There are so many days where I don’t want to do it, but I sit down and do it anyway. because otherwise, life and my To Do List will take over my writing time and that book that’s in my mind will only stay in my mind.

Why does everything seem more important than sitting down to write? Even as I sit here and write this, my mind is busy with all the things I need to do, things like laundry, and take a shower, and bills, and cooking, and catch up on my classes. I need to prep for next week’s lessons and I have a narration I have to read and create characters for. I need to exercise and I need to get back in shape and I need to keep on keeping on. My son has asked me to complete a level in his Star Wars Lego game that he can’t finish, so I also need to practice that game to help him out. In a couple of hours, I have to get my daughter from preschool and I really need to vacuum the entire house.

But right now, I’m writing. I’m writing because I said I would and because even though I have a huge To Do List, and everything seems vastly more important than blogging, I need to remind myself that my time to write is important. I’m important. That book that is just waiting is important.

And so…I didn’t want to blog, but I’ve blogged. I carved out a little time to do it, and I did it. My To Do List is still waiting for me, but at least today, for a few minutes, I did something just for me.



Joselyn Vaughn said...

Writing so often feels like a guilty pleasure, but it's really a necessity and our writing goals should be a part of our To Do lists.

chocoaddict said...

Yay you! We make time to do the things that are important to us. And you should be important to yourself. If writing is part of who you are, you need to do it. Or make it the first thing on your To Do list. Then you will always have something you can check off!