Monday, January 3, 2011

To Paraphrase...

Since a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, it stands to reason "a Novel of XXX Chapters must begin with a single word.

I have to remind myself of that quite often when I hear of the enormous amounts of writing some of our fellow writers accomplish each month: novellas, magazine articles, plays, ebooks, novels, blogs.  I'll admit it, their productivity is somewhat intimidating to me. 

I spent a bit of time over the holidays trying to figure out the best way to turn that intimidation into inspiration.  I already fight an inner editor every time I sit down who wants to to polish, polish, polish instead of writing, so I needed to figure out something that would get me going.

I decided to borrow a goal from a fellow writer.  Awhile back, Patty said her goal was to write 100 words a day.  I got to thinking about it and decided that's a very doable goal.  Even after a hard day at work, you can certainly do such a small goal.  So, I started following her example and have been putting in time at the keyboard each day.  I found that once I started, I often wrote 500 or more words and not just the hundred I set out to do.  I've never asked Patty, but I suspect she's found the same thing since we just critiqued Section 13 of her work in progress. 

So, that's my goal for 2011, to sit down every day and write.  Instead of setting my goal to write a thousand words a day or two chapters a week or some other unrealistic (for me) goal, I'll simply promise myself and my muse that I will write one hundred words a day.  I'll let you know next month on the third how that works out for me.

~ Stephanie

By the way, the blog above was 307 words.  See, it's really easy! :)  

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