Friday, January 7, 2011

Taking A Life Break At The Start Of The New Year

Last week I thought about my first blog post for GRRWG and figured it would be something about goals and the New Year and the handy dandy accountability thing a few of my friends will be helping me with. However, then I started feeling icky and then had the whole medicine head thing going. I do have goals and three posts that I was supposed to do on my blog, but nothing got done. I did yell at my kitten this morning. It was among things I never thought I'd say - "Quit chasing the snow flakes, you're ruining the blinds!", which goes along with "Tuarwen, quit pulling the pins out of the fabric, I need those!" I did get the I'm a cute kitty look with a belly flop onto my feet later from her.

Oops, digressing...

New Years.

It's the New Year and time for resolutions. They should be something you can do, or expect to learn to do and have the means to do them with. Keep them visible and give a copy to a couple of friends that are willing to call you out on them.

I have goals, a list of them and they include things like writing a 1000 words every day and blog regularly. These are good - they can be measured and seen. I can be held accountable for them.
But when coherency is flighty, writing is probably not something you can be reasonably expected to try unless you're superwoman, in which case why are you waiting?

Seriously though, look at the motivation behind your goals. The 1000 words a day is great, so is blogging. Both get me doing what I need to - write and 'talk' with people. And now by telling every body and their brother what my goals are, that means I have to actually stick with them. Because only sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing. I mean, I really don't want to be the only one to say, no I didn 't make mine. Well, I obviously won't make everyday, because life intervenes, but I also can say, I wrote all but one or five days. And I finished this many books, or this many whatevers.

Accountability is a good thing. It prevents people - me for instance - from making a list of lofty and hard to reach goals. I mean is it really reasonable to read all of Shakespeare's plays, the Iliad, the Odyssey and the Lord of the Rings Saga when you have very little free time and absolutely need to read books in your genre and research books not to mention school and everything else?

Now, back to writing, because now I'm feeling better and don't have any excuses. Well, I'm a writer I can come up with a ton of them and they'd even be plausible, however, I made a promise to myself to write 1000 words everyday and if I write a lot in the next couple of days I can kinda sorta make up for the missing days.

Happy New Year,


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