Monday, January 17, 2011

The Life of Winona Writer

Who is Winona Writer? She is a student, a retiree, a single mom, someone who is under the constant barrage of the voices in her head, tangled plot lines and the ever burning question of “what if?” She is a watcher, observer and analyst, set apart from the mainstream. She’s been making up stories “forever” and “since I learned to write.” To her, the characters in her head have a will of their own, and her muse isn’t a Greek goddess but an uncontrollable diva, bent on slowly driving her insane.

Winona writes in the early morning before her family wakes, in the bleachers at soccer practice, or on an Alphasmart at the dentist’s office. Her desk is a space next to the furnace, the dining room table, or a spot at the library or local coffee house.

She dreams of fame, fortune and quitting her day job. Strong coffee, chocolate and the encouragement of fellow writers keeps her going. A rejection letter brings her down, but only temporarily, because she knows it’s based on the opinion of an editor or agent and the vagaries of the market.

Winona is a lifetime learner. She reads voraciously and soaks up knowledge about writing from books, workshops and more experienced writers. She invites critiques from trusted sources, corrects what improves the story and ignores the rest. Her skin is thick.

Her perseverance is astounding. Queries and proposals leave her desk on a regular basis, and she’s not afraid to send them out again and again and again. After all, so-and-so was rejected X amount of times before they were published, and look at them now. She knows her chance is just around the corner.

She gives back. She mentors new writers, volunteers to run a workshop for her writing group and voices her opinion at meetings. Once, she knew nothing and she feels an obligation to pay it forward. Others look up to her for guidance.

More than anything, Winona loves to immerse herself in a world of constant surprises, strong emotions and possibilities.

Are you a Winona?

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Bronwyn Green said...

Winona's life isn't always easy, but it's worth it. In short, Winona rocks!