Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspirational Moment

I was at the doctor the other day when the cover of a magazine caught my eye. I forget the title, but it was something to do with visiting Arizona. Now, Arizona is on my list of places to visit, along with about three dozen other places, but that is not why the magazine caught my attention. There was a photograph of one of the canons at sunrise on it. I didn't read the magazine, but I did flip through it and thought the landscape that I saw would be perfect for a new world. Desert. Mountainous. Mountains that are inhabited by centaurs and dragons or maybe by trolls - but maybe you don't write fantasy - maybe sci-fi and it's hostile alien terrain that the crew needs to get through to get home. It could be the historical and the mountains represent something else like the hideout of outlaws, or contemporary or - the list goes on and on.

The idea the inspiration for a story can come from anywhere. A picture, photograph, object, or snippet of conversation paired with most writers favorite game of 'what if' - what if this instead of that? TV shows, movies and documentaries are also good...


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