Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Head Hopping"

I’ve often wondered why writers, particularly fiction writers, aren’t totally, completely and irreversibly NUTS.

Well, maybe we are.

Just…harmless nuts.

Anyone else who hears so many voices in their minds telling them what to do would be committed. Indefinitely. Diagnosed with multiple personality disorder or some other bizarre psychosis. Let’s admit it, we not only hear voices, we have to BECOME the owners of those voices if we want our characters to be believable. Point of view can “head hop” from one to several distinct personalities in just a few chapters at times. That’s several new “people” a writer has to become, so to speak, in a very short span, in order to create convincing characters to our beloved readers. In my current novel, “The Gingerbread Boy,” I jump into the heads of a compassionate rock and roll star with a fatal illness, the nervous veterinary medicine student who loves him, a vindictive, hostile young woman who conspires to reap havoc on the that student, and even an eccentric old woman living with a psychopathic husband who resembles a toad in a wheelchair.

And that’s just a few of the characters.

So how do we even remember who we are ourselves? We’re more like actors than authors. After writing a particularly exhausting scene, even with only one or two points of view, I often feel like collapsing and taking a nap. Thankfully, I usually wake up as myself.

Identity crisis? Nah. I can handle it.

Just ask me.Whomever I am.

Gotta go—voices are calling………

Lori Lapekes

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chocoaddict said...

Great post, Lori. Now I have a great excuse when my kids wonder why I'm so distracted - it's the characters talking to each other in my head!