Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! It's a time of beginnings, and I will begin the blogging on this site each month. I chose to write on the first day of each month for a few reasons - one, it's easier for me to remember, and two, I love beginnings. I love happy endings, too, but beginnings are when I'm the most charged up and raring to go. So this part of the month is a good time for me to write, too.

Since I'm Asian, I thought I'd point out that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese Zodiac. People born during the Year of the Rabbit (if your age at your birthday this year is a number divisible by 12, you are a Rabbit) are articulate, talented, and ambitious. At least that’s what I found on one website. So all you articulate rabbits out there – you were born to write, so get out those laptops and get to work!

But what about the rest of us who were born in non-rabbit years? Well, I guess the first step is to settle down in front of the computer, open up a new document, and get to work. Whether it’s 100 words or 1000, start writing. The Year of the Rabbit, according to the charts, is supposed to be one of peacefulness and calm – so we should be able to get a lot done! Our group is tremendously prolific – come to one of our meetings and get energized!

However you celebrate your New Year, do it safely, and please come back again soon for a visit!

Patty Kiyono


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Cheryl said...

DH is a rabbit. Does no rest for the weary describe the Chinese rabbit?
I'm committed to writing on a more regular basis this year. Thanks for the encouragement, Patty!