Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Who?

Well Christmas is finally here. Its the first year my eight year old son said he didn't believe in Santa.
But he wanted us to set the video camera up just it case.
This morning after emptying his stocking he asked me if I put all those presents in there. "Yep" I said. Not thinking. A look of realization washed over his face. That was when I knew it had really sunk in that there was no Santa Claus.
Questions came flooding out after that. "So you and daddy were the ones that got my PSP for me that year. You guys got all those presents that said they were from Santa. Mamma you ate all those cookies every year?" Now why would he think I was the one who ate the cookies. It could have been his father.
Lets move on.
It was difficult knowing something that he had believed in 100% all those years was not true.
It saddened me.
But this is were being a writer is so wonderful. We take all those dreams and visions and turn them into a story we believe in. We have the chance to make others, if only for a short time, escape to a world of make believe, or open their eyes to something that might change them. We set the stage. They bring it to life as their own.
So always something. Its the only way we can make our dreams come true.
Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why I Joined A Writers' Group

Hey. Whassup?

Uh...okay....awkward start.

Let's try again.

Imagine: me, walking up to a podium, head held high: "Hello. I am Tanya Eby and I am a writer."

There's no shame in that statement, only pride--and maybe a little bit of attitude. I like being a writer. It makes me feel trendy. I like feeling trendy because I don't have enough of a natural sense of fashion. Just so you know, I'll be blogging here on my writing group's site once a month. I also blog on my own. I blog and I write and in the evening I try to do crunches to make up for all the cookies I've eaten through the day. Just thought you should know.

I was trying to think of a topic and the first thing that came to my mind was to just explain why I joined a writing group and what GRRWG means to me. It's a little bit of "What I Did Last Summer" and I do apologize for that.

So. Why did I join a writers' group? Therapy? Because I needed a support system? Because I was tired of secretly writing in the closet because it made me feel just a little past creepy? Yep. All those reasons.

I've never been a 'secret writer'. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. I was, however, a secret genre writer. I write romantic comedies. For literary writers, this is akin to saying I Have Herpes. It just makes everyone feel awkward. So imagine my pure delight when I walked into a room at Grand Villa Restaurant and found a whole group of women just like me! Uh...not with herpes. That was an example. I meant a group of women writers who, like me, write genre fiction. Not just romantic comedies, but erotica, mysteries, nonfiction, Christian fiction, sci-fi, steam punk...what have you. Not only that...they live in the Grand Rapids Area. An extra bonus: more than half of them are published.

I found instant support and acceptance in the group. I also found resources, knowledge, encouragement. And when I was just about to give up, I found a group who gave me stars for trying and a kick in the pants when I needed it.

Two years after joining the group...I have two books published and a third coming out in February. And I also have a much larger circle of friends. Hopefully none of them have herpes because that's just uncomfortable.


-Tanya Eby-

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Courting Sparks - Available today!

My second book with Avalon,Courting Sparks, is available just in time for Christmas.  Amazon says it will ship in time for all your gift-giving needs. :-) <<keeping fingers crossed.>>

Dusting off the ashes of a failed relationship, Daphne Morrow decides she is ready to date again. But when her scorched prom photos are discovered to be the ignition point for a small forest blaze, marking her as the prime suspect for the arson, she finds they’re not the only part of her past sparking interest. After a friend’s wedding provides a romantic interlude with her longtime friend Noah Banks, Daphne tries to explain away her attraction to him: the atmosphere of the wedding, his resemblance to her ex, his heroic efforts as a volunteer firefighter. Still, their desire just won’t sputter out.
When the arsonist strikes much closer to home, Daphne fears she must risk Noah’s friendship to find the culprit and clear her name. She’ll know their love is real if his interest isn’t put out by her need to uncover the truth. 
Available at Amazon
I also have a recipe for Rosenmunnar cookies on my blog today.  (
Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Goals 2011

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me." ~~ Ayn Rand

This is one of my favorite quotes and I often apply it to my writing and in particular to my writing goals. Who is going to stop me? Invariably, the answer is usually "You are." When it comes to writing or not writing, I am my own worst enemy. I am the one who lets interferences take over or who procrastinates or who gets distracted by anything other than my writing work. I'm the one who can waste time like crazy.

Somehow, I still manage to get a lot done. I make big goals every year. I don't make all of them, but by placing such high expectations on myself, I meet enough of my objectives that I can be satisfied by my year's work. And I do plan for the year...

In December, I sit down with my calendar, my list of projects and a planning notebook and decide what I want to do for the upcoming months. Quite a few of the projects are already contracted so they're no brainers. But I have books I want to do for my agent and for other publishers so I have to work them in. Then there's blogging and promotion/writing business busywork. How much do I want to do? What do I need to do?

It all gets penciled into the notebook. I actually write very little in my calendar--I've ruined more than one by marking it up with all my goals then crossing out all over the place when things change. It's best to only mark up your calendar a few weeks to a month at a time.

Once I have my goals, I break them down. How long will it take me to write each book? The best way to determine this is to know how many words a day you write. Take than number and divide your story's word count by it. That's how many days it will take to write your book. I'd advise you to then add a day per 5000 words. If your manuscript will be 100,000 words, figure out the days by your normal daily word count then add at least 20 extra days. i.e. If you write 1000 words a day, it should take you 100 days to write the book. Figure 120 days. You need leeway. Hopefully you'll be done on schedule, but in my experience with authors, nothing goes on schedule. Of course, with a manuscript that size, you should also figure 20 days of revision and self editing.

This is what works for me. Whatever works for you, I encourage you to take time this month to think about it and get it down on paper. That's important. Once it's on paper, it becomes concrete. If it's in your head, you can just let it float away into the ether of "that which will never happen". You don't want that.

So go make goals, some big writing goals for the next year. Let's fill up our GRRWG bookmarks (and the banner I have for ALL our goals) and see what we can do this year!!

What do you want to do in 2011?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Courting Sparks Blog Tour

From member Joselyn Vaughn...

Join me on my blog tour with interviews, book reviews, sneak peaks and chances to win books. Don't forget to stop here ( each day for some easy holiday cookie recipes. (They are easy because I am capable of making them.) I'm saving my favorite recipe for last. :-)

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Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Releases

It's a banner day for GRRWG! Two of our members are featured on the home page at Resplendence Publishing. Go to to check out Brynn Paulin's Blood of the Wolf, (Book Three in her "Cruentus Dragons" series), and Abigail Barnette's Glass Slipper (Book One in her new series called "Naughtily Ever After"). Great for Christmas reading!