Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two GRRWG Authors Give

Lara Anne Punches
10/4/1989 to 2/12/2009
You touched the hearts of more people in your short nineteen years on earth than you could have ever imagined possible.

When GRRWG authors Cindy Spencer Pape and Brynn Paulin learned about a tragedy that had befallen the daughter of an Ellora’s Cave staff member, there was no question in their minds. They wanted to help in whatever way they could.

On January 23, 2009, the apartment complex where Lara Punches roomed with two other girls caught fire. The girls were trapped in their apartment with no way to escape. All three passed away due to smoke inhalation, Lara a little over two weeks later than the others.

In memory of Lara, and in hope of doing something to help her family, several Ellora’s Cave authors banded together. They each wrote books that are dedicated to the memory of Lara Punches. Proceeds will go to the Punches family.

Cindy Spencer Pape penned a short historical called Marry Me, Marietta. It was released on September 8.

Brynn Paulin penned a short contemporary entitled Tuesday Afternoons. It’s release date in 2009 is to be determined.

Information regarding the two books:

Marry Me, Marietta Blurb: Marietta James is a proper Victorian widow—until the night fate throws her together with handsome doctor Adam Hamilton. Adam has tried to ignore his desire for his voluptuous neighbor, but when the two of them are alone together, the passion burns out of their control. Now Adam is determined that their relationship continue while Marietta wants to forget their night of passion ever happened. It will take all his powers of seduction and persuasion to get her back in his bed—and into his life for good.

Tuesday Afternoons Blurb: For months, Casey Billings has had fantasies about the man she walks home beside on Tuesday Afternoons. When on one such afternoon, he proposes something more, Casey indulges her inner bad girl and agrees to a no-holds-barred night with this stranger.

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