Monday, September 21, 2009

Let Me Hear You Roar!

Every year GRRWG runs a special contest for its members called Roar Into Writing. But maybe I shouldn’t call it a contest. Perhaps I should call it an incentive program. The concept is simple. Pay a small fee to enter, name the manuscript you will complete by November 30th, and then WRITE. And if you complete your manuscript, you get entered into a drawing for a cash prize. In December, the month when we all could use a little cash.

This year we have sixteen authors entered for thirty-seven manuscripts. Awesome! I’m so happy we have so many entries. And guess what! Seven of those manuscripts are already complete. Well done.

So…that means there are still thirty manuscripts pending and full of opportunity. Good luck and don’t forget, that last page needs to be turned in by November 30th.

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