Sunday, September 27, 2009

Creativity Corner - Mind Mapping

Fiction Writer’s Method One

  • Draw a circle in middle of paper
  • Put characters name or the problem in the circle
  • Draw six lines from the circle
  • Label the lines: Who,When, Where, What (i.e. What does character want),Why (i.e. why does the character want it), How (i.e. how will the character get it)
  • Branch from each leg, answering the question.

Fiction Writer’s Method Two

  • Gather a selection of colored pens (always use at least three colors)
  • Make a circle on your paper and put your idea or problem in the center.
  • Make branches from the circle, labeling with ideas and thoughts on the subject (anything that comes to mind no matter how off-topic or silly it may seem). All lines must be in some way connected to the original circle.
  • Use one color for the first level of branches, another for the next level and another for the next and so on.
    Use colors as your own special code to signify different items such as people, subjects, plot, dialogue, backstory, etc.
  • Use images or drawings whenever it strikes you. Images, symbols and codes are very useful in mindmaps and often spur more thoughts.
  • Finish, Organize and Get to Work!

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